Fantastic Four Reboot – Trailer 1

Not much more needs to be said, as the title above reads… Here’s the trailer for the new Fantastic 4 film, or should we say Fant4stic?

The Simpsons World App Launches Today

Back during the summer FX put on a monster marathon and aired every episode of The Simpsons back to back and it turned out to be pretty popular. If you missed this though you now have a chance to attempt…

The Simpsons & Family Guy Cross over Episode Teaser

At the San Diego Comic Con, FOX revealed a 5 minute teaser for the upcoming Simpons & Family Guy Cross over episode. And here it is – Disclaimer, it’s a very quiet video, so volume at max for it, and…

GOTHAM Character Posters Revealed

Fox’s fall show Gotham focusing on young Detective Gordan has recently had the character posters for the show revealed… Get HYPE! – Murr

Rumor: Marvel might be cancelling all Fantastic Four comics

Found an interesting article on BleedingCool regarding the 75th anniversary of Marvel and the possible snub of X-men & Fantastic 4. Take a gander at this… Well this is an interesting one. Recently we ran a piece looking at the absence…

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