Geekly Review #190

Summer is in full swing so we’re staying inside playing video games. Antihero A few months back we covered turn based strategy game, Antihero after playing it at EGX Rezzed, it was one of our highlights of the show. Well…

Captain America: Civil War – First Trailer

  Simply….HNNNNGGG… The first trailer for Marvel / Disney’s Captain America: Civil War is here. Watch it, then watch it again and again and get hyped. Captain America Civil War releases on 6th May 2016.

Captain America: Civil War – AKA Avengers 2.5

  We’ve known that the 3rd installment of the Captain America series is happening and will be called Civil War. We’re also aware it’ll feature the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye as well as introducing us…

Spiderman Enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe

It’s finally happened. Spiderman is entering Marvels Cinematic Universe. After speculation at the back end of 2014, Marvel and Sony have agreed to terms in which the webslinger will feature with the MCU’s already established hero’s like Iron Man &…

Avengers Age of Ultron Pictures

A little late to post these, but following on from the Avengers cover on EW, here’s some screenshots again from Entertainment Weekly:     HYPE LEVELS RISING! – Murr

Entertainment Weekly Cover Features Ultron

Entertainment Weekly have a rather awesome cover this week. It features a decent picture of Iron Man, Captain America and Ultron. And Ultron looks pretty bad ass. Only a year to go till Avengers 2 *Sigh* Oh well Guardians of…

Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat

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